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Update: May 9th, 2010

This is the professional website and personal blog of Zach Shaner.  Zach is a 27 year-old aspiring urban planner and environmental consultant.  He has extensive social research experience (both quantitative and qualitative), a master’s degree in Ecological Economics and Sustainability, a second master’s in Religion and Ecology, and a B.A. in History.

This site is a place to host his professional credentials (résumé and CV) for prospective employers.  It is also his blog.  He primarily writes about public transport (its politics, development, PR, and cartography), global politics, and economics.  Zach is highly qualified to manage public relations and stakeholder engagement for any number of environmental organizations, especially in the area of public transport, land-use management, and the politics of eminent domain seizure.  While currently based in Seattle, WA, he is available immediately for employment anywhere in North America and is fully authorized to work both in the United States and Canada.

When not trying to land his dream job, Zach enjoys hiking the forests of Cascadia, drinking malty craft beers, riding trains, and making the best salsa you’ve ever had.

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