A Unified Amtrak/Sounder Timetable

Apr 28th, 2010

King Street Station at Night – Photo by Brian Bundridge

I thought I’d pass this timetable along.  I made it a couple of days ago when I got tired of trying to remember both Sounder and Amtrak schedules.  I find these sorts of unified timetables pretty useful, and I hope you find them useful too.  For instance, making Sounder/Amtrak connections is quite possible, but given the limited service hours it is often difficult to conceptualize just how such connections might be made.  With all trains on the same sheet, it’s easy to see how to take connecting trains to/from otherwise unlikely city-pairs, such as Auburn to Everett (90 minutes), Kent to Centralia (90 minutes), or Mukilteo to Portland (4.5 hours), etc…

Teal represents Sounder commuter trains, beige represents Amtrak Cascades, red is Amtrak’s daily Coast Starlight, and purple is Amtrak’s daily Empire Builder.  Together this timetable represents all train service available at Portland’s Union Station and Seattle’s King Street Station.

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